"I've enjoyed Debra's simple yet professional 'one-on-one' for my new-found piano passion!... you'll love her too!"
--- Doris K., Oakton, VA

If 'learning to play' has been on your bucket list forever, 

​there is no better time to experienc this unique adult learning opportunity close to your home, at  the studio in Chantilly, VA!

Long-time piano instructor Debra Gunnerson, owner of the Gunn Piano Studio, will teach you in a comfortable, small group setting, conducive to learning the basics of piano and beyond!

"I have to say, it was worth the wait... in order to learn from Debra!..."
--- Mike G., Fairfax, VA

What's involved in an Adult Group Piano Course?

​​The 10-week courses will involve one class a week for one hour sessions at the same location. Instruction will be shared with 4 or less participants --- each using an individual keyboard --- who will be taught each week using Debra's proven lesson plans.

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​Let your dream become fulfilled! ...by learning to play the piano while enjoying your path to playing proficiency... the process will be easier than you think!

Please consider the course options at gunnpianostudio.com and sign up today for classes!